Laguna Niguel Republican Women Federated

Going Strong in California Since 1968


February 26, 2020
San Juan Hills Golf Club

This unit of the Federation of Republican Women was founded in 1968, long before Laguna Niguel became a city in 1989. Since that time, these loyal, committed, hard working women have lead the efforts to elect Republican leaders locally, statewide and nationally.

The Objectives of Laguna Niguel Republican Women Federated:

  • To promote a wider knowledge of the principles and policies of the Republican Party through educational programs
  • To increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active political participation
  • To cooperate with the Republican State Central Committee for the election of Republican candidates to office
  • To support, as a member, the objectives and policies of the National Federation of Republican Women

Upcoming Speakers at Our Meetings

Upcoming Speaker

February 26, 2020
Loren Spivak, “Free Market Warrior”, a popular economist, political activist and speaker on economics and small government.

Upcoming Speaker

March 25, 2020
David Bahnsen, top financial adviser, frequent guest on Fox News and author of “Elizabeth Warren: How Her Presidency Would Destroy the Middle Class and the American Dream”.